The hglbrg colors - Ironically not used on the hglbrg website

These colors are designed to work well in both light and dark mode, except the key color which has a light and dark variant by calling inverse() on it.


Key Value
HEX #009fdf
RGB 0,159,229
HSL 197,100%,44%
CMYK 74,22,0,0
Name blue


Key Value
HEX #754fa9
RGB 117,79,169
HSL 265,36%,49%
CMYK 64,80,0,0
Name purple


Key Value
HEX #d2117e
RGB 210,17,126
HSL 326,85%,45%
CMYK 14,100,14,0
Name magenta


Key Value
HEX #e87c3c
RGB 232,124,60
HSL 22,79%,57%
CMYK 5,63,88,0
Name orange


Key Value
HEX #fae000
RGB 250,224,0
HSL 54,100%,49%
CMYK 4,7,100,0
Name yellow


Key Value
HEX #2c2a29
RGB 44,42,41
HSL 20,4%,17%
CMYK 0,0,0,100
Name key

The gradient

Combined, these colors form a gradient known as the hglbrg gradient which is my 'signature' gradient.


some alternatives are the front half and the back half of the gradients also known as cold and warm:

Front (cold):


Back (warm):


These are used to accentuate.